Manual update

Before upgrading your theme's version, you will need to request the new version at BindTuning and follow the steps on the next link.

Note: Always make a backup of all of your theme assets, including CSS files, master pages, page layouts,etc.
Upgrading the theme will remove all custom changes you have previously applied.

Uninstall the theme

To upgrade your theme version, you need to first completely remove the theme from your website. You can find the instructions for uninstalling a theme manually or using the One-Click tool here:

Install the theme again

After completely removing the theme you can move on to installing the new version.

You can find the instructions for installing a theme manually or using the One-Click tool here:

Version upgraded! ✅

One-Click update

  1. Unzip the .zip file
  2. Open the FarmSolution folder;
  3. Inside the FarmSolution folder, click twice on the Setup.exe file, to open the One-click installer;
  4. Click Next;

    Note: The installer will now check if the theme can be upgraded. Once done, you will see a success message. If any of the requirements fail, click on Abort, fix the failed requirements and re-run the Installer.

  5. Click Next;

  6. Select Upgrade and click Next;

    The Upgrade option will only appear if the setup package has a greater version than the one currently installed.

  7. Check if your theme appears on the list and click Next;

    Note: The theme will only appear if active on your site.

  8. Your theme is now being upgraded - once done, you will see a success message! 🕐

After the upgrade, click Close to exit the One-click tool.
If you wish to see the installation log, click Next.

Version upgraded! ✅