This is the easiest way to install your theme. With the one-click installation tool, you can install a theme in a few clicks, without having to spend a whole lot of time setting everything up.

Let's get right to it!

  1. Inside your theme's package, open the Farm Solution folder;
  2. Click twice on the Setup.exe file to open the one-click installer;
  3. With the one-click tool open, click Next;

    Note: The installer will now check if all the requirements are met, in order for the theme to be installed. If any of the requirements fail, click Abort, fix the failed requirements and re-run the one-click installer. Once done, you will see a success message.
    4. Next, you will see our licensing agreement. When you're done, check "Accept the licensing terms and conditions" and click Next;

Your theme is now being installed! 🕐

After the installation, click Close to close the One-click Installer.
If you'd like to check the installation log, simply click on Next.

Check if the Theme was successfully installed

Before moving on to activating the theme, let's confirm if the theme was successfully installed.

  1. Access your SharePoint Central Administration;
  2. Click on System Settings and open Manage Farm Solutions;

    Note: You can also enter your Solutions Management with this path: http://[central_administration_url]/_admin/Solutions.aspx.

If the installation was successful, under the column Status you'll see the value Deployed and, under Deployed To the value Globally deployed.

Theme installed! ✅

Apply the theme

After confirming the theme was successfully installed, it has to be activated:

  1. Click on Settings ⚙️ and then Site settings;
  2. Under Site Actions, click on Manage Site Features;
  3. Find your theme and click on Activate.

Theme applied! ✅

Set the master page

The final step consists in changing your current master page to one of the theme's master page.

  1. Click on Settings ⚙️ and then Site Settings;
  2. Under Look and Feel, click on Master page;


  3. Choose the master page you want to apply. The master pages included on your theme start with yourthemename;


  4. Click Ok.

Master Page set! ✅