Before moving on to installing your theme, there is a couple of things you will need to do. To activate some features you will have to be an Admin or have been granted permissions from your Admin.

  • Activate the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature.
  • Deactivate the Minimal Download Strategy feature, that usually appears activated by default in these type of sites.
  • Activate the SharePoint Server Publishing feature.

Let's start by activating the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature:

  1. Click on Settings ⚙️ and proceed to click on Site settings;

  2. Under Site Collection Administration, click on Site collection features;

    Note: If you're seeing Go to top level site settings instead of Site collection features, under Site Collection Administration, click on Go to top level site settings and then Site collection features.

  3. Search for SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure and click on Activate;

  4. Go to your root site and click Settings ⚙️ and then Site settings;

  5. Under Site Actions, click on Manage Site Features;

  6. Search for Minimal Download Strategy and click on Deactivate.

  7. On the same page, search for SharePoint Server Publishing and click on Activate.

All the required Publishing Features have been activated. ✅

Get the server ready

Note: These modifications are only required for the Manual installation of the theme.

Before installing and activating the theme, you will need to do a quick server set up to make sure your server is ready to process PowerShell scripts.

You will need to change the Execution Policy from Restricted to Unrestricted\bypass. For more information, read Microsoft's article on Execution Policies.

Note: If your Execution Policy is already set to Unrestricted, move on to the Theme Installation.

  1. Open SharePoint Management Shell as Admin;
  2. Enter the command Get-ExecutionPolicy.
    You should get a RemoteSigned message;
  3. Insert the command Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted;
  4. After reading the Execution Policy Change, type Y and hit enter.

Now that the server is ready to run PowerShell scripts you can move on to installing the theme. ✅