1. Open your SharePoint Management Shell as an admin;
  2. On the console, go to the path where the Install.yourthemenamePackage.ps1 script is.
    Note: It's usually located in C:/Downloads/"yourthemename".SP2016/FarmSolution;


  3. Once inside the folder, you can just insert the command .\Install.yourthemenamePackage.ps1. If the Execution Policy Change appears, accept it;

  4. At this point different options will appear. Choose Option 1 to install the theme and hit enter;
  5. Your theme is now being installed!

Once this is done you will see a message letting you know the theme was successfully installed. ✅

Check if the Theme was installed

Before moving on to activating the theme, let's confirm if the theme was successfully installed.


  1. Access your SharePoint Central Administration;
  2. Click on System Settings and open Manage Farm Solutions.
    You can also enter your Solutions Management with this path: http://[central_administration_url]/_admin/Solutions.aspx

If the theme was successfully installed, the Status tab should display Deployed, and the Deployed to tab should display Globally Deployed.

Theme installed! ✅

Activate the theme

After confirming the theme was successfully installed, it has to be activated:

  1. Click on Settings ⚙️ and then Site settings;
  2. Under Site Actions, click on Manage Site Features;
  3. Select your theme and click on Activate.

Theme activated! ✅

Set the master page

The final step is to change your current master page to one of the theme's master page.

  1. Click on Settings ⚙️ and then Site settings;
  2. Under Look and Feel, click on Master page;


  3. Choose the master page you want to apply. Your theme's master pages starts by yourthemename;

    changethemasterpage_3 4. Click Ok.

Master Page set! ✅